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artificial graphite plate

Product Description

Graphite plate:


1.perfect sealing performance , long service life , low maintenance


2.we can provide free technical consultation and after-sales service to our customers .


3.graphite block and rods is used in precision tools , aerospace industry , war industry , chemical industry , metallurgical industry .


4. the products can be made into graphite heater , graphite tool , graphite bearing , graphite crucible , graphite heating elements for vacuum furnace , graphite heating pipe for vacuum furnace , graphite furnace nail, graphite trestle, graphite tool , mould .etc


5. Bulk density 1.58-1.88 g/cm3

Bending strength 8-45 Mpa

Compressive strength 17-70 Mpa

Electric resistivity 6-15 µ Ω ­ m

Max grain 0.2—4mm

CTE 2.0—3.5


6.Block size : (50-1000mm)x(50-1000mm)x(50-2000mm)

Rods size : Dia:5—900mm x L: 10-2000mm


7. programmable properties: high thermal and chemical resistance , good thermal conductivity , low coefficient of thermal expansion , minimal wettability to molten metals


8. Our company specializing in manufacturing carbon and graphite products .we have completed production processing and professional equipment and processes . Our main products are various graphite and graphite round pieces. Including Graphite Electrodes, graphite crucibles , graphite block, graphite board ,graphite rod, graphite heater elements .graphite rotor,graphite plate .etc Besides domestic markets, we mainly exports to the United States, Japan, Korea, South Asia and European countries and regions. If you need the Graphite products .



please contact us !

And we can provide graphite products according to the customer’s request and drawings.

Should any of these items be of interest to you, please let us know. We will be happy to give you a quotation upon receipt of your detailed requirements

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