Deep processing and application of flake graphite

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Flake graphite is a kind of natural flake graphite of non-metallic minerals. Flake graphite is the raw material of all kinds of graphite powder products. There are many deep processing methods of flake graphite, which can be further processed by physical and chemical methods.

The deep processing of flake graphite mainly depends on mechanical crushing and chemical methods. After crushing, flake graphite can be crushed into natural flake graphite powder. After special processing, natural flake graphite powder can also be made into ultra-fine graphite powder, nano graphite, high-purity graphite powder, colloidal graphite, etc. the flake graphite is subject to high-temperature expansion process such as concentrated nitric acid and concentrated sulfuric acid The flake graphite can be used in the production of various graphite powder products, as well as in the lubrication, refractory and other industrial fields.

Flake graphite can be directly used as a solid graphite lubricant, which can be used in the parts with severe mechanical friction. The application of flake graphite in high temperature resistance can be used in the production of refractory materials, and can be made into graphite crucible, graphite boat, graphite refractory brick, etc. The deep processing and application of flake graphite play an important role in various industrial production fields.

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