Application and field of graphite powder

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There are various types of graphite powder, which are suitable for all walks of life, including colloidal graphite powder, nano graphite powder, conductive graphite powder, ultrafine graphite powder, high purity graphite powder, natural flake graphite powder, etc

Graphite powder has many characteristics, such as high temperature resistance, electrical conductivity, chemical stability, lubricity and plasticity.

Graphite powder is widely used in heat exchanger, reaction tank, condensator, combustion tower, absorption tower, cooler, heater, filter and pump equipment. It is widely used in petrochemical industry, hydrometallurgy, acid-base production, synthetic fiber, papermaking and other industrial sectors, which can save a lot of metal materials. Because of its small coefficient of thermal expansion and its ability to withstand rapid cooling and heating changes, graphite can be used as a mold for glassware.

High purity graphite superfine powder has colloidal graphite powder, which is mainly used for pen, powder metallurgy, lubricating oil, grease, dry battery, conductive coating, lubricating coating, science and Technology Commission of national defense, scientific research institutions, civil nuclear power, aerospace and strategic electric interference weapons, smoke screen weapons, etc The colloidal graphite powder produced by Dao Huatai graphite is the development model of graphite industry in China, and some technologies have reached the international leading level.

At present, with the globalization of economic development, the research and development of global graphite products will be carried out in ten major fields

1. High performance seals and products have a turnover of US $10 billion in the world, and the highest grade graphite product for nuclear anti use is US $1.2 million / ton. There are four key technologies in the product: insertion technology, expanded sulfur technology, composite reinforcement technology and molding technology.

2. High performance conductive materials, one is to make intercalation compounds; the second is high performance stability; the third is process repair.

3. Battery material.

4. Environmental protection materials.

5. Biomaterials.

6. Sound insulation materials.

7. Protective safety materials.

8. Shielding material.

9. Arts and crafts materials.

10. Catalyst.

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